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A Few Key Tips to Improve Performance and Wellness in Sport

By: Miranda Tomenson of Tomenson Performance & Wellness

1. Be self aware. Recognize your strengths and your weakness, set realistic goals, know when you are over training or under training.

2. Manage your stress. Don’t overcommit to training if you have a busy family, work and social schedule. Say “no” when an opportunity arises that is counterproductive to your long term goals.

3. Embrace challenge. Don’t shy away from tough workouts or tough training conditions. Swim in the cold water, bike in the wind and run in the heat.

4. Commitment. Be consistent with your training, nutrition, sleep and self-care.

5. Team relationships. Develop a connection with your coach and fellow team mates. These are the individuals who are there to understand and support you.

6. Ensure you feel valued. Get feedback (good and constructive) from your coach, ensure your family and friends support you in sport.

7. Adopt a performance mindset. Learn the skills needed for good technique in the swim, bike and run. Commit to deliberate practice in training. Stay focused during racing.

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