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Base Training Basics

Written by Kevin McCormick, Get Faster Go Further

We often hear about the importance of base or aerobic training. We hear that base/aerobic training is key to development. But what does it really mean to train your base and WHY is it so important?

Short article from Lance Watson (triathlon focused) -

Longer article from MacMillan Running (running focused) -

5 takeaway points:

  1. Base/Aerobic training is the development of your endurance and efficiency at relatively low intensity (Zone 2)

  2. At this intensity your body is burning some fat for fuel helping you conserve carbohydrates (glycogen) for later in races

  3. Improving your aerobic base helps you race better, no matter what the intensity of your race distance is

  4. Lower intensity training allows you to train more (volume/frequency), developing physical and mental resiliency

  5. Base/aerobic training requires patience. Check the ego. Just because you COULD go faster/harder doesn’t mean you SHOULD

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