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Tara Postnikoff | Healthy Eating Active Living

Sports Nutritionist, Endurance Coach & Trainer

Tara Postnikoff has been working with endurance athletes since 2006 and is the owner of Healthy Eating Active Living.  Tara is passionate about helping athletes eat better and perform better and focuses on a balanced approach to eating, training and life in general.   Want to know the secrete to success?  Eat More Veggies!  


Miranda Tomenson | Tomenson Performance

RMT, Triathlon & Swim Coach

Miranda Tomenson has been working in the endurance sports world since 2007 and is the owner of Tomenson Performance & Wellness. Miranda enjoys working with adult recreational and high level athletes to reach their goals. One of Miranda’s passions is helping adult athletes improve their swim technique and fitness. Miranda likes to break down the swim stroke in easy to understand pieces so that it is easier to make changes that will lead to improvement. 


Phaedra Kennedy | PK Performance Coaching

Triathlon, Run & Strength Coach

Phaedra Kennedy has been coaching in the endurance world since 2014. She is the owner of PK Performance Coaching. She is a triathlon, run and strength coach. Creating training plans that integrate sport and athlete specific strength work is her jam. She believes that the right amount of bikes is always N+1 and that there is no such thing as too many pairs of running shoes.


Kevin McCormick | Get Faster Go Further

Triathlon and Cycling Coach

Kevin has been working in the endurance sport world for 11 years and competing as an athlete for 21 years. He is the owner of GetFasterGoFurther Coaching. Kevin is motivated by helping athletes achieve race distances and times that they never thought possible, through consistent, focused and balanced training. Outside of triathlon Kevin enjoys having a beer and talking about triathlon :)


Eric D'Arcy | Limitless Coaching

Triathlon Coach & Trainer

Eric is the owner and head coach at Limitless Coaching, Triathlon Coach & Trainer. and has been working to help endurance athletes cross their finish lines since 2007. Eric enjoys working with a variety of athletes;  some,  who are just getting into endurance sports, right up to Ironman and ultra distance runners. Eric loves getting dirty on the trails — either running or mountain biking.

Kimberley Mutch.webp

Kimberley Mutch | Sweat + Flow

Founder, Yoga Teacher & Fitness Instructor 

Kimberley is the Founder of Sweat + Flow a Virtual Yoga and Fitness Studio.  She has spent her life as an athlete in practice and in training. With a background in both Psychology and Physical Education, she later completed her RYT-200 Yoga Teacher certification. She enjoys working with athletes of all levels. Grounded in the essence of yoga, her classes focus on functional and mindful movement. She combines her athletic style and comprehensive physical awareness with calm, supportive instruction, always encouraging safe exploration of movement. Her favourite pose is Pincha Mayurasana.


Michael Liberzon | X3 Training & Endurance Innovation

Triathlon, Run & Strength Coach

Michael is an engineer working in endurance sport since 2013. He is the owner of X3 Training and Endurance Innovation. Michael enjoys being a giant bike nerd with specific interests in aerodynamics and heat transfer. Making you fast and keeping you comfortable is his jam.


Dr. Kris Sheppard | The Runner's Academy

Chiropractor, Clinic Director

Dr. Kris Sheppard is a Chiropractor and Strength & Conditioning Specialist by trade and training.  He has been working in the endurance sport world since 2003 and is the owner of The Runner’s Academy.  Dr. Sheppard was a competitive rower and coach before turning his interest in endurance sports to running and triathlon.  He is currently an avid runner and has competed in triathlons.  In his practice, he has worked with thousands of runners, ranging in abilities from new runners to Olympic athletes.  Dr. Sheppard enjoys helping athletes achieve their best by combining his skills as a Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Coach to guide athletes to better health and performance.  He has a specific interest in coaching running form and movement to improve performance and reduce injuries.


Tristan Markov | Blue Devils Athletic Club

Registered Kinesiologist & Run Coach (Sprint/Hurdles II)

Tristan Markov has been coaching in the endurance sport world since 2016, and is now the Head Coach of Blue Devils Athletic Club. Having a strong background in multiple sports, Tristan focuses on bringing together multiple modalities into a holistic approach to quality training, helping athletes improve their speed, strength, fitness, and skill within sport for optimal performance.


Jeff Chong | Toronto Triathlon Festival

Founder of Toronto Triathlon Festival, President of Sports Focused Consulting

Jeff Chong has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management (UofT) and worked as an investment banker before entering the world of sport business in 2010. His company, Sports Focused Consulting, owns the Toronto Triathlon Festival and manages Open Streets and the Pond Hockey Tourney for SickKids. Jeff has also been engaged for consulting mandates with entities including the CFL, MLSE and Triathlon Ontario, among others. Sports has played a formative role for Jeff throughout his life and while he is proud to make the athlete experience priority number one at his events, he does not lose sight of the real need to create fun and engaging experiences to help bring people and communities together


John-Paul Raymond

Bike Fit Specialist

JP has been working at Brown's Sports & Cycle since 2007. Since 2012 he has been on a journey to help fit endurance athletes on their performance bikes. He became a Retul certified fitter in 2012 and a IBfi lvl 2 fitter in 2018.

nick Di.jpg

Nick Di Cristofaro| Forza Performance

Owner, Head Technician

Nick Di Cristofaro is the service manager and head technician at Forza Performance Bike Service.  With over 20 years of experience in the bicycle and motorcycle industries, Nick has spent the last 10 years fully immersed in cycling and helping cyclists and cycling enthusiasts with his meticulous attention to detail and mechanical expertise. As an enthusiastic rider and racer, Nick only uses and sells the latest in cycling technology and can provide recommendations for any set-up. While a road cyclist at heart, Nick does enjoy getting dirty while venturing off-road!

Corey headshot.jpg

Corey McCusker |

Mental Performance Coach

Corey McCusker, is a Mental Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author. Corey has been in private practice for over 10 years, coaching individuals and teams including business professionals, coaches and elite young athletes ages 12-17. She founded Master the Mind, Master the Game for Sports, Business and Life in 2010. Her programs include assessment tools, key components of the mental skills and mental performance techniques that enhance and deliver key traits for peak performance. Corey’s mission is to provide the necessary mental skills to overcome stuck states, performance slumps, anxiety and to remove mental distractions so her clients can perform with ease and "in the zone". Corey has worked with Team Canada U17 in Hockey and has delivered educational webinars for the LPGA. Corey also supports a wide variety of sports including figure skating, running, baseball, soccer, equestrian, rugby, tennis, snowboarding, skiing, and judo. Coaches Association of Ontario has added Corey to the Mentors Express program supporting local sports clubs with their mental game.


Lisa Sweetman

Trail Runner

Lisa Sweetman is a Toronto based elementary teacher, co-owner of Earth + City, mother, and runner. She has been participating in running events since 2009, ranging from 5km stroller races to her recent 100km run. An ambassador for the 5Peaks Ontario Race Series since 2018 and a member of the Runners of the Six team. Lisa prefers the trail to the road and enjoys sharing that love with others.

mike head shot.jpeg

Mike Anderson | BlackToe Running Inc.

Co-Owner, Runner

Mike is the co-owner of BlackToe Running Inc. which has been a hub of the Toronto running scene for the past 7 years.   He has been an avid athlete his entire life with a particular love for endurance sports (and hockey!).  Mike is the veteran of many marathons including 4 world majors.  In addition to building a running specialty store, he is also co-founder of both the BlackToe Running Race Team & Run Club. His passion is working with runners and everyone from beginners to Olympians have come to him for gear advice.


Paula Johnson

Registered Nurse, Triathlete

When she was 14 years old, Paula's PhysEd teacher called her a "Lump of Lard". Sadly those words shaped her life for 20 years...until 1999 she discovered triathlon. She hasn't looked back. Despite some serious health challenges Paula continues to race and train to stay healthy and sane!

Me for jane site.jpg

Dr. Melanie Lopes | 361° Chiropractic Sports & Wellness


Dr. Lopes is a Sports Specialist Chiropractor practicing in Toronto for the past 15 years. She enjoys giving her time whether it’s educating the public and/or using her hands to heal. In 2016 she volunteered her time for 5 weeks in Moca, Dominican Republic as part of a World Spine Care project to help promote better spinal health. One of her most memorable experiences was when she recently worked as the Sports Chiropractor with the Canadian Deaf Ski & Snowboard team at the 2019 Winter Deaflympics. Another incredible experience was when she walked 750km along the Camino Portuguese, between Portugal and Spain. Just walking with her backpack and going with the flow was the most rewarding experience of her life! She also enjoys the personal challenges that come with long distance running, having just completed her 6th full marathon in 2019.


Rach McBride |

Professional Triathlete

Rach has been racing full-time as a professional triathlete since 2011. Known as the “Purple Tiger,” they are a three-time Ironman 70.3 Champion and have numerous podium and course record results across several distances in the sport. Deemed "the most interesting [person] in triathlon" by TRS Radio, Rach is the first professional triathlete to be out as gender non-binary. They hold two graduate degrees in genetics and are an accomplished cellist. Rach loves being a minimalist, spinning fire, and working in sexual health education and advocacy in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where they live and train.

IG: @RachelMcB
FB: /RachelMcBrideTri


Melanie Boultbee


Melanie has been running for over  25 years. She currently favours trail running and mountain adventures. Melanie loves spending hours on the trails and the challenge of a good  50-100MILE mountain race. 


April Boultbee

Runner & Registered Massage Therapist

April has been a runner for over 25 years.  She started racing on the roads but transitioned to trails and ultras in 2010.  She has represented Team Canada at the 2017 24 hour World Championships and the Xiqiao Mountain 24hr International ultra marathon. She is the 2016 24hr Canadian champion and the 2017 6 hr Canadian Champion.   She has been working as an RMT since 2003 and also walks lots of cute dogs in west end Toronto.


Phillip McCatty

Age Group Triathlete & Mechanical Engineer

Phillip McCatty has been a Triathlete since 2009, taking up the sport on a dare with zero swimming ability. He has always led an active lifestyle, previously competing in various combat arts before taking up Triathlon. Phillip is a Mechanical Engineer & works full time in Construction/Contracting in the GTA. He has numerous wins & top-5 finishes at Triathlons all across the Caribbean, & was chosen to represent Jamaica at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Phillip has been named Jamaica's Triathlete of the Year from 2015-2019, won the national Time Trial championships, & also qualified for the (cancelled) 2020 Boston Marathon. His goal is to get the best out of himself at all times in & out of competition."

FB/IG @PhillipMcCatty

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