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Session descriptions

Perspectives: Our Athlete Panel

Perspectives consists of a diverse panel of athletes from the triathlon, multisport, ultra running and multi-day adventures. We’ll find out about what drives and inspires each of our panelists and why they love their sport.  Some of the panelists represent the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities and will share how their sports and communities create inclusiveness and what we can do to help.







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Sat 02.06 @9am

Humans are Naturally Slow: how aerodynamics can help us be fast

This is a cycling aerodynamics primer for anyone who wants to go faster without working harder! We will cover Aero Principals, Why you should improve aerodynamics regardless of how fast you are, equipment selection and value for money, and position / bike fit implications.  You will come away from this session with ways to improve your aerodynamics for a better stronger ride.

Presented by Michael Liberzon from X3 Training & Endurance Innovation

From Guppy to Dolphin: Triathlon Swimming Fundamentals

This session will cover the fundamentals of the freestyle swim stroke for triathletes. Learn the basics of swimming and the types of workouts you can do to improve your swim fitness – both dryland and in pool workouts.  Parts of this session will be interactive so that you can work on your stroke, body position, stroke timing, the freestyle catch, pull and kick, and open water swim skills (on dryland, of course).  Come away from this session ready to conquer the swim with better form and fitness.

Presented by Miranda Tomenson from Tomenson Performance & Wellness

Want to live forever?  Nordic Ski!

It can be tough to stay motivated and active during the winter months in Canada, and so finding an enjoyable outdoor activity is crucial! Nordic Skiing for Endurance Performance is for all athletes looking to utilize winter training to achieve a new echelon of performance in spring, summer, and fall triathlon and road competition! This session will discuss why Nordic skiing is the best winter activity for endurance cross training; delivering unparalleled aerobic capacity development, movement variability for injury prevention, and outdoor exercise for mental health. It is no wonder that Nordic Ski legends like Bjorn Daehlie have posted the highest VO2 Max numbers ever recorded! After this session you will come away with knowledge of the Nordic skiing techniques, essential equipment needed to get started, and how individual and weekly training sessions will look.

Presented by Tristan Markov, from Blue Devils Athletic Club

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Finding presence: Meditation 101

Meditation is an approach to train the mind, similar to how fitness is used to train the body. During this session we will explore the benefits of meditation and "how to start" a practice for beginners. Kimberley will wrap up this session with a 10-15 min mindfulness meditation to kick start you into starting your own practice.

Presented by Kimberley Mutch from Sweat + Flow

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Getting endurance athletes to strength train is like trying to get people to eat more vegetables.  They know they should do it but it’s not always a priority.  In this session, Phaedra will touch on the importance of strength training, how it can benefit endurance athletes and how to structure into your program so it complements your training.

Presented by Phaedra Kennedy of PK Performance Coaching

The TTF, Endurance Sports & COVID: What Now?  What Next?

In this Q & A style session, Jeff Chong, Founder for the Toronto Triathlon Festival, and Michael Liberzon will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the TTF (in 2020 and on 2021 plans), the role virtual racing and virtual programming might continue to play and what 2021 might look like generally for endurance events. They will also explore the notion of motivation in the context of "pivoting" during this pandemic and relate these concepts back to sports in general.

Presented by Jeff Chong, Founder of the Toronto Triathlon Festival & Michael Liberzon, Endurance Innovation Podcast

Got Data?  How to use the data from your gadgets to improve performance

Do you want to better understand the data that you get from your devices? Do you want to know how to use this data to improve? In this session Kevin will talk about the key metrics for each of swimming, biking, and running. You will gain insight to the data that is useful to pay attention to in real-time WHILE you are training/racing and the data to analyze AFTER your training/racing session is completed.

Presented by Keving McCormick of getFASTERgoFURTHER coaching

It's Not Cardio: Running is a skill and discipline, not an exertion

Are you a runner and ever wondered, what is the proper running form?  Can you improve the way you run?   During this session Dr. Kris Sheppard owner of The Runner’s Academy will answer these questions and guide you through the biomechanics of running.  You will come away with a better understanding of running biomechanics and practical solutions to  be a better runner.

Presented by Dr Kris Sheppard of The Runner's Academy

Does endurance training mean I can eat whatever I want?

You wouldn't put gasoline in a diesel engine, so don't put low quality food in your body. What you eat is just as important as how you train, perhaps more so!  Proper nutrition is an integral component to sleep, mindset, overall health and performance. Tara will discuss the pillars of nutrition as they relate to endurance athletes. Learn what you should focus on to improve your diet, performance and health and how to avoid common nutrition traps.

Presented by Tara Postnikoff from Healthy Eating Active Living

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Help optimize your performance: Yoga Stretch for athletes

This yoga class will focus on deeper, slower stretches to help improve flexibility and mobility, targeting hips, lower back and shoulders.Great for athletes (runners, cyclists, triathletes) to use for recovery, post workout or sport enhancement. A blanket, yoga blocks and yoga strap/towel might be helpful.

Presented by Kimberley Mutch from Sweat + Flow

Optimizing your bike fit for endurance athletes

Better fit for better performance.  Working with a professional bike fitter, in this session learn all about how optimizing your position on the bike impacts comfort, power and speed during your rides.  Did you know that a proper bike fit can even extend to improved performances on your runs?  You will take away 4 simple things that you can implement RIGHT AWAY to improve your experience on the bike.

Presented by John-Paul Raymond, from Browns Sports & Cycle

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Optimizing Mental Performance In Sport

Learn the insider secrets to mastering your mind so you can master your performance. Learn the mental performance components necessary to achieve peak performance by eliminating pressure and conflicting thoughts.  Review mental techniques that you can do prior to, during or after your competition. Learn about a technique that releases negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Understand the links between results, behaviours, potential and beliefs.

Presented by Corey McCusker, from

Indoor Bike Training: Maintenance for your bike & trainer

Due to our harsh winters and lockdowns, indoor training is more popular then ever. What most people don't realize is that the drive-train on your bicycle will actually still wear out when training indoors and sometimes even more so than outdoor riding. Nick will be discussing some tips and best practices for taking care of your bike while training indoors. He will also discuss recent trends in power meter technology and the different types available. A Q & A will also be available at the end of the session.

Presented by Nick Di Cristofaro, from Forza Performance Bike Service

Taking the Road Less Travelled: How trail running can benefit endurance athletes

Join us for an informative session that will discuss the basics and benefits of taking it off the road. Eric will explain why it’s time to give your body and mind a well deserved break from the pounding of miles on the pavement and take you back to being a kid. You will come away from this session realizing that the trails aren't just for those people doing crazy distances (although that can be fun too).

Presented by Eric D'Arcy, from Limitless Coaching

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Keynote: Pivoting During the Pandemic

Mike will be talking about running through the pandemic as he has a unique perspective as a business owner, run coach and race sponsor.  He will share his perspective on how running has changed and what might be next.

Presented by Mike Anderson, from BlackToe Running Inc.

Keynote: From health challenges to a 100km

Lisa Sweetman is a recreational runner and ambassador for 5Peaks. Lisa will be sharing her experiences from health challenges to endurance training, including a recent 100km in celebration of a major milestone.

Presented by Lisa Sweetman, 5Peaks Ambassador

Keynote: How participation in endurance sports create resiliency

When she was 14 years old, Paula's PhysEd teacher called her a "Lump of Lard". Sadly those words shaped her life for 20 years...until 1999 when she discovered triathlon. She hasn't looked back. Despite some serious health challenges Paula continues to race and train to stay healthy and sane!

Presented by Paula Johnson, Triathlete, Registered Nurse

Coaches Panel: How to Self Coach

How to plan and schedule workouts when coaching yourself.  What you need to know to be successful when taking control of your own plan.  What are the biggest mistakes athletes make when coaching themselves?  What metrics are important?  When to call in a professional?

Presented by Tara Postnikoff, Miranda Tomenson, Phaedra Kennedy, Eric D'Arcy & Kevin McCormick

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