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Sat 02.06 @9am

Innovations in Endurance Sport

Innovations in endurance sport: which ones are worth watching, which are likely to have a meaningful impact, and which have yet to prove themselves.

Presented by Michael Liberzon from X3 Training & Endurance Innovation

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Ask The Doc: An endurance athletes guide to sports injuries

As a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician and a triathlete, Dr Rich sees his share of injuries in endurance athletes, along with the frustrations with nagging issues that are hard to resolve so that athletes can get back to training and racing to their fullest potential.


In “Ask The Doc”, Dr Rich will cover some commonly encountered injuries and chronic issues that endurance athletes experience, and review best available treatment options and how to combine them to maximize your recovery and get back to training and racing without issue.  Additionally, he will cover off when it might be time to see a primary care provider, or a specialist such as a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician, in order to clarify diagnosis and consider other investigation avenues.  

Presented by Dr Rich Trenholm from ReActivate Muskoka

Going Long(er)

Are you wondering whether or not you are ready for long course racing? Miranda will speak about the transition from short course (less than 4hrs) to long course racing (longer than 4hrs). This will include considerations that need to be made when making this decision. What is the time commitment required? What is the financial impact? How does your training need to change? Do you need new equipment? Are there new nutrition considerations? Miranda will answer these questions and more in her talk about being ready for long course racing.

Presented by Miranda Tomenson from Tomenson Performance & Wellness

Setting up your training plan

How to Organize Your Training. The benefits of high vs low intensity, how much is too little vs too much. Pyramidal vs Polarized approach to run training or other running and performance topic.

Presented by Tristan Markov, from Blue Devils Athletic Club

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

When it comes to strength training people often don’t know where to start.  In this session, Phaedra will cover the 7 basic movement patterns and share some examples on how to put these movements together to create a workout. Coach PK will lead a strength workout on Sunday to help you get familiar with putting these movement patterns together.

Presented by Phaedra Kennedy of PK Performance Coaching

How to train your garmin

Listen to Kevin’s talk to learn more about how to effectively use your device when you train and race? Learn how you can use your device to nail those important intervals in training and get your pacing right when you race.  Kevin will talk about what data is important, and how to display that important data on your device screens. He will highlight the differences in using your device for training versus racing. He will even touch on how to react when your device isn’t working (we all know someone who has had this happen!).  A Garmin is an amazing device to train and race with. Listen to this talk to make sure you are using it to it’s full potential.

Presented by Kevin McCormick of getFASTERgoFURTHER coaching

Form Matters!  Top 3 running injuries and how to avoid them through better form

Shin splints, ITB Syndrome and Achilles Tendonitis are the top three issues we deal with at The Runner's Academy.  Many clients come to us frustrated and feel they have tried physio, chiro, stretching and strengthening but these issues still persist.  Often run form correction is the missing piece of the puzzle.  During this Workshop, Dr. Kris Sheppard Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Co-Founder of The Runner's Academy, will guide you through which run form issues to look for in your own running that increase your risk of the top 3 running injuries and give you tips on how to improve!

Presented by Dr Kris Sheppard of The Runner's Academy

Sleep, Nutrition & Recovery

Sleep, nutrition and recovery are 3 key pillars of health that are important to master if you want to see improvements in performance.  Tara will discuss how prioritizing these a core competencies in your training is a must for long term success in endurance sports.

Presented by Tara Postnikoff from Healthy Eating Active Living

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Help optimize your performance: Yoga Stretch for athletes

This yoga class will focus on deeper, slower stretches to help improve flexibility and mobility, targeting hips, lower back and shoulders.Great for athletes (runners, cyclists, triathletes) to use for recovery, post workout or sport enhancement. A blanket, yoga blocks and yoga strap/towel might be helpful.

Presented by Kimberley Mutch from Sweat + Flow

Considerations for buying a bike

JP from Browns Sports will be discussing things to consider when buying a bike. He will cover everything from frame materials, to component considerations to disc vs. rim brakes. If you’re in the market for a bike, this is not to be missed!

Presented by John-Paul Raymond, from Browns Sports & Cycle

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Getting back to racing after COVID

Despite the significant disruptions of COVID on regular life and on triathlon racing, Leith will discuss how we will come through this stronger both mentally and emotionally.

Presented by Leith Drury

Women in sport

Elizabeth completed her 101st Ironman at Ironman Cozumel in November just 9 weeks after completing her 100th at Ironman Wisconsin in September. 101 Ironman races all over the world and she started at age 46! Elizabeth with discuss what inspires her and motivates her to stay active as a master athlete and discuss her perspective as a female athlete.

Presented by Elizabeth Model

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Sport as a visually impaired athlete

 In 2018 Vivian did her first triathlon at the Barrie triathlon, after losing her vision from an allergic reaction to Ibuprofen 14 years ago. The allergic reaction caused toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) that scarred her skin and the surface of her corneas.  Vivian will discuss her journey to becoming a triathlete with a visual impairment. 

Presented by Vivian Chong

Leading through lessons in sport

Alfreds personal and professional life is drive by a single, simple premise: We are placed on earth to help others.  Alfred will discuss what being an Ironman triathlete taught him about leadership and why sport is so important in the pursuit of leadership and wellbeing.

Presented by Alfred Lam


Getting Started in Triathlon

Are you new to triathlon or looking to get into triathlon?  Coaches Eric and Tara will  walk you through all the terms and acronyms, parts of triathlon, gear and other considerations you may have when starting out.

Sponsored by the Toronto Triathlon Club.

Presented by Tara Postnikoff & Eric D'Arcy

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