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Session descriptions

Sat 02.06 @9am

Pro to Pro

Experience an intimate interview between former Ironman medalist Tara Norton and current 70.3 medalist Tamara Jewett.  Tara will work to find out how Tamara has achieved her current level of racing success and what her plans are for the next 5 years.

Presented by Tara Norton from Team Atomica and T-Train Cycling & Tamara Jewett

Don't Throw Your Bike in the Ditch!

In this talk Ayesha will go over a categorized list of things that can go wrong during a race and how to prevent them from making you want to quit your race.   The strategies provided will be ones that can be implemented in the instance they happen, as well as preparation and training ideas that could prevent them from happening in the first place. Time will be alloted for questions, discussion and answers.

You will come away with new ideas and solutions as well as a cheat-sheet handout that you can keep.

Presented by Ayesha Rollinson from Team Atomica 

Going Faster (on the bike)

Everyone wants to go faster! Michael is a self-proclaimed bike nerd and he will discuss the top 'X' things you can do to be faster on the bike this year.  This talk will cover a mix of tech and training advice.

Presented by Michael Liberzon from X3 Training & Endurance Innovation

Common Mistakes in Swimming and How to Fix them

IMiranda from Tomenson Performance and Wellness will share the most common errors she encounters when coaching adult swimmers. She will touch on frequent mistakes in breathing, timing, body position, hand entry, and the pull through. Miranda will point out how to spot these (so you can help a friend), what the correct technique is, and a few cues and drills to help you fix them on your own.

Presented by Miranda Tomenson from Tomenson Performance & Wellness

Mobility for Endurance Athletes

When it comes to performance gains, mobility work is something that is often overlooked as a performance enhancer. If your body isn’t moving optimally, how can it perform optimally?  For many age group athletes, mobility training is the low hanging fruit that could help boost performance but, much like strength work, it’s something that gets overlooked. Regular mobility training allows for greater range of motion, improved movement efficiency, and decreased risk of injury. What endurance athlete doesn’t want that?  Join Phaedra Kennedy for a 30 minute full body mobility session, designed to help improve your circulation and improve post workout muscle tension.

Presented by Phaedra Kennedy of PK Performance Coaching

Indoor Cycling

Are you interested in improving your cycling performance over the colder months? Indoor cycling should be an integral part of your training routine.  In the past few years indoor cycling has come a LONG way. With these tools the experience is more immersive then it used to be.  It's a great substitute when outdoor riding is not fun or not possible.  Coach Kevin McCormick (GetFasterGoFurther coaching) will cover all the details of indoor cycling including the different types of trainers, software considerations, indoor riding environment, structured workouts, different types of intervals, virtual courses, virtual racing, inside versus outside cycling, and periodizing your workouts over the indoor season. In this talk to learn how indoor cycling can be very effective at building strength and endurance on the bike while being fun at the same time!

Presented by Kevin McCormick of getFASTERgoFURTHER coaching

Understanding Running mechanics. Unlock your best running! 

Have you wondered is there an optimal foot strike, stride rate or posture for running?  During this session we will discuss run mechanics myths and provide practical drills to help you get more out of your running!  You will walk away with a better understanding of the physics of running mechanics.  You will also understand how to structure drills into your routine and specific cues that will help you unlock your best running!

Presented by Dr Kris Sheppard of The Runner's Academy

The Athlete's Gut

Did you know your gut health has an impact on athletic performance?  Gut health is essential for an athletes overall health and well being as well as performance.  This talk will go further than “runner’s trots”. It will talk about; Why athletes need to prioritize gut health, how to improve gut health and strategies to reduce the occurrence of GI distress in training and racing.

Presented by Tara Postnikoff from Healthy Eating Active Living

The Basics of Bike Fitting

Watch JP explain and run through the basics of a triathlon bike fit.

Presented by John-Paul Raymond, from Browns Sports & Cycle

Darian-1024x1024 2021.jpg
Getting Better as You Get Older.  Considerations for Master's Athletes

Triathlon is a lifelong sport, do you want to have great race days and training as you age?  If so, you need to adapt your training to your changing body. You should not train the same way at age 40, 50 or 60 as you did when you were 20. Come learn about some specific changes you can make to your training. This will help keep you achieving your best no matter what age you are.

Presented by Darian Silk, from Team Atomica

Leith Headshot.jpg
Reset. Goal Set. Get Set!

Now is the perfect time, after several slow years with Covid, to enthusiastically and strategically prepare for the new season of training and competing in triathlon or whatever you are undertaking.  

Reset with Passion, Goal Set with Purpose, and Get Set with The Plan. Simply put, these are the Why, What, and How steps we’re going to examine and describe together in the seminar this year. You will leave the seminar having examined your Passion for this endeavour, the Purpose or Goals (technical, physical and mental) you wish to achieve, and of course your Plan to successfully achieve these goals.

Presented by Leith Drury

3 Things I learned Swimming Across Lake Erie

Becky is a single mother of twin daughters and on July 20, 2022, Becky was one of only 2 dozen people who have successfully swam across Lake Erie. Why?  To inspire her daughters and empower girls by showing them what female grit and courage looks like. She will share her journey in deciding to attempt to cross the lake, to being in the lake and finishing her crossing.  Her 3 valuable life lessons are geared to inspire you and help you go after your dream.

Presented by Becky Yuan

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